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More than just an Image Recognition solution for Retail.
Smarter than an end-to-end platform for collecting and analysing Data from the shelves.
Consumer goods
Turn your shelf data into powerful insights and targeted actions with Ailet CPG-Platform
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Transform the value of your in-store data into revenue growth driver with Ailet Retail platform
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Harness the power of innovative opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry
Audit of Pharmacy
BI analytics

Just 3 steps to get insights

from big data

Minimize manual touch points and facilitate engagement between business units through transparent IR insights and analytics
Easy to use in-app* clear guidelines for in-store execution excellence to drive productivity of your sales teams, supervisors and auditors. Ensure the product your customer wants to buy is available at the right place, time and quantity.

Create your own perfect store scoring system
*73% of users rate the convenience of the application by 4.8 points out of 5

Our Clients

Creating long-lasting client relationships is our main goal.
Committing to the success of our clients all over the globe.
Pascu Adrian Valentin
VP Sales Danone CIS
"Based on these results, we recommend Ailet as a provider of on-shelf product recognition services. We are satisfied with the results of cooperation with Ailet and we thank the participants of the joint project for the work done"
Francisco Paz
Trade Marketing, Nestle Argentina

"Ailet came with a business proposal that was different to our business need, focused on taking photos in every visit, but with our boad levels of category it will imply a quantity of data we cannot process yet.

We adapted Ailet proposal to help us measure, with the current frequency (2 per per month) our execution, and it worked very well. Now we’re evaluating other use case"

Juan Sebastián Lekanda Laban
Gerente Revenue Growth Management e Inteligencia Comercial en Coca Cola Andina

“We chose RETAILATAM and Ailet as strategic partners after a long survey of suppliers and pilots. The main reasons why we chose this integrated solution were its high results in the pilots carried out in the Traditional channel (accuracy + 97% in recognition of our skus), and mainly because of its great experience in the Beverage business. The combination of differentiating technical aspects, and speaking the same business language, along with receiving best practices and advice that translate into higher revenues, has made the difference and confirms that our decision was the right one. We are even evaluating extending the services of this solution to other channels and at the moment we are finishing the expansion of the service to the beer category on the Traditional channel.”

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